· Construction is feasible during any kind of weather.

    · Extremely long durability, weather and aging resistant.

    · Higher Fire resistance.

    · Ecologically recyclable.

    · Fast amortization and excellent return on investment.

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  • Our profile

    · VARIANTHAUS is an environmentally friendly company.

    · We build low-cost energy efficient homes in a short timeframe.

    · A fast construction system with less machinery and laborers.

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    Building system

    · We can construct and complete a social home in approximately 5 days.

    · Requires only 6 laborers to complete a home.

    · Requires very minimal machinery to construct.

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We are VARIANTHAUS, a construction company based in Spain. We build differently...simply smart and green...that’s all.


The best system


NEOPOR ® together with our ultimate Blocks design create the perfect system. NEOPOR ® insulates using air and graphite. It offers way far the best insulating system for construction...simply as this. It is based in polystyrene and contains microscopic flakes of graphite that reflect heat radiation thus improving insulation

Neopor® unhealthy?...simply NO

Is rigid polystyrene foam poisonous?...No!! This material is one of the purest building materials of the highest standards, especially its claim to its food grade: even sensitive foodstuffs like fresh fish are allowed to be packed in rigid polystyrene foam!

Radioactivity?...doesn’t sound nice to us

There are a lot of concerns about the radioctivity in the building materials...it is true but...our blocks are...simply greener!

Saving of time?...yes of course

The fact that construction materials initially start with low material prices but end in high final prices is mainly due to the different working times required...

Insulation...simply the best values

The eco-efficiency analysis looks at products and processes from an economic as well as environmental standpoint so as to identify the most efficient ones. In comparison to alternative products, Neopor® offers a greater benefit at a lower cost, along with less of an environmental burden.

Cost effective insulation...simply cheapier

With only 8 cm roof insulation with Elastopor® H, 10 cm wall insulation with Neopor® and 4 cm perimeter insulation with Styrodur® C you can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 75%.*

Weights?...construction site is not a gym
 VARIANTHAUS 45 cm BLOCK..........0.83 kg

 VARIANTHAUS 35 cm BLOCK..........0.55 kg

 VARIANTHAUS 25 cm BLOCK..........0.28 kg


Neopor®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS), is our solution to improve insulation in newly built and renovated properties. Neopor® foams are silvery grey in colour because they contain graphite which considerably increases insulation performance.

· Versatility: reduce the thickness of your insulation materials thanks to our blocks.
· Quality: our blocks are resistant to aging and rotting. They are strong, stable and vapour permeable.
· Fire resistance: Euroclass E and B1.
· Handling: our blocks are quick to lay in any weather. Easy to cut and sand.
· Soundproofing: our blocks help to improve a building's soundproofing.
· Durability: our blocks are a durable and reliable form of insulation.

We have always thought that GREEN should be the colour to follow in all our company issues. So, when it comes to construction, GREEN must mean ecological.

  • Our costruction is ecologically recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Our blocks are manufactured without CFC.

Why a big part of your money should be monthly used to keep the right room temperature at home?

Our houses and buildings are highly efficient due to excellent insulation which saves money for A/C Cooling and Heating.

To have the best home is a right and not a luxury.

You can save a lot of money due to economic, easy and fast in-house construction of houses and buildings.

A healthy indoor climate

What’s important for a healthy indoor climate is highly thermally insulated outside walls. That is where less water vapor accumulates and the corresponding diffusion exists. It cannot lead to structural damage and mildew infestation. High quality and durable building materials increase the quality of life and secure the resale of your investment-stable property.