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VARIANTHAUS Insulating concrete forms (ICF) are hollow foam forms installed at the construction site and filled with concrete. ICFs made of Neopor® are suitable for all kinds of components that require thermal insulation and ease of processing. They are employed as wall elements for single-family houses as well as multi-storey buildings.

Insulation: the best values

Neopor® offers a greater benefit at a lower cost, along with less of an environmental burden.

  • Eenergy savings of more than 50% can easily be achieved through thermal insulation
  • Money spent exclusively for the thermal insulation is often already recouped after just one heating period.

Cost effective insulation

With only 8 cm roof insulation with Elastopor® H,
10 cm wall insulation with Neopor® and 4 cm perimeter insulation with Styrodur® C you can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 75%.*

  • Investment: 2800 €
  • Savings at constant energy price: 360 €/year
  • Pay back time: 7,8 years

Saving of time

The fact that construction materials initially start with low material prices but end in high final prices is mainly due to the different working times required.. here is a small example:

  • Small size masonry blocks: 5-6 hours / 1m3
  • Large size masonry blocks: 4-5 hours / 1m3
  • Our blocks with little experience : 2 hours / 1 m3
  • Our blocks with experience: 1 hour / 1 m3


For 1 m2 of the different wall constructions materials mentioned in the table, the following weights need to be manually moved:

  • VARIANTHAUS 45 cm BLOCK: 0,83 Kg
  • VARIANTHAUS 35 cm BLOCK: 0.55 kg


This material is one of the purest building materials of the highest standards, especially its claim to its food grade. Even sensitive foodstuffs like followings are allowed to be packed in polystyrene foam:

  • Fresh fish
  • Fresh meat
  • Fresh fruit


There are a lot of concerns about the radioctivity in the building is true but our blocks are...simply greener!

  • Radium 226: 0 Bb/Lbs
  • Thorium 232: 0 Bb/Lbs
  • Potassium 40: 0 Bb/Lbs

  • Neopor


  • 1 Month Villa


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