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• We are VARIANTHAUS, a construction company based in Spain. We build differently...simply smart and green. That's all! We don't build houses...we build homes. We can provide all related services to one of the most important decisions in your life: to build your home. Our engineers, architects and our kind customer service team, will assist you from the very first step till your dream's home key will be in your pocket.

Our experienced team will guide you through all processes and will make you feel like "at home" from day 1.
Let us explain you all the qualities and adventages of your future home.

Welcome to a new system, a new way to build and mainly let us make your dreams come true. Welcome to VARIANTHAUS!

We proudly introduce to you VARIANTHAUS insulating concrete forms (ICFs) made with Neopor®. VariantHaus has been providing superior insulated homes throughout Europe for over 15 years.


• Neopor® insulating materials offer greater insulating performance and up to 50 percent lower use of materials than conventional EPS, helping environmental conservation and saving money. Environmentally-friendly Neopor® insulating materials do not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or other halogenated cell gases. They contain air as the cell gas, which guarantees the preservation of the thermal conductivity throughout the life of the construction.

• Neopor® insulating materials therefore represent a modern, environmentally-aware lifestyle. We call it "Innovation in insulation".

The best system

  • • VARIANTHAUS ICFs are extremely versatile allowing almost any architectural design to be constructed
  • • VARIANTHAUS ICFs can take any conventional finishing product such as but not limited to: brick, stone, stucco, wood and vinyl siding
  • • VARIANTHAUS ICFs are light weight and easy to assemble significantly reducing construction time and therefore reducing construction costs

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